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Welcome to our website, the companion internet site for The Complete Hoot, our monthly newspaper; and Twilight Players, youth Shakespeare and classical theater productions.

  About The Complete Hoot:
     Published on the first Friday of each month, the 12 yearly issues provide the most thorough coverage and calendar on the arts and events in our region.  In the previews and reviews, you'll find info on theater, art, music, dance, literature and media. Each issue features commentaries, profiles of artists or musicians, and thought-provoking articles.  We have a special section in the calendar that focuses on youth and family events and information. New in 2014, Bill Dollard has a series on recipes--this from our man who was a good friend of James Beard! In our travel section, you'll find reviews and info on interesting and exciting events elsewhere.
   With this free publication, we cover the Upper Valley, from Hanover, NH, to Windsor, VT, from Woodstock, VT, to Enfield, NH.The paper is distributed through B & B's, inns, fine restaurants, grocery co-ops and arts organizations. 
    For those who want to be certain to get their monthly copy of the Hoot, we offer subscriptions at $36 per year; issues of the paper are sent First Class Mail.  For a subscription, please send your name, address and payment to: The Complete Hoot, P.O. Box 306, Plainfield, NH, 03781.
    We also have a page on Facebook, where throughout the month you can find news about events that are recommended and any new or changed info on activities and offerings.
    Whether you are a guest or visitor, live in the Upper Valley seasonally or year-round, we know you'll enjoy the creative and artistic offerings in our region.

Capital Campaign for Twilight Players:
     We are pleased to announce that The Complete Hoot has nonprofit fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization.  This enables us to receive monies for our important arts' initiatives, including our youth Shakespeare and Theatre productions of Twilight Players and our publishing initiatives that support theater and the arts.  In 2011, we began an important fundraising campaign to repair the barn Globe theater of Twilight Players (damaged during Irene and the torrential spring rains) and to fund both a pick-up truck and the covered cargo trailer that will enable us to raise money toward these products by taking productions to other areas in the Upper Valley.
In 2012, thanks to generous contributions, we were able to purchase the truck and cap that now bring our stage materials to performances we hold throughout the Upper Valley region, enabling us to reach a wider audience and help raise money for the theatre through ticket sales.
Our goal for 2014 is to complete raising the money needed to put the new roof on the barn theatre.  In 2015, with the completion of the Capital Campaign, we'll finish the underpinnings of the barn theatre.
     If you can help us with our Capital Campaign, please send us an email so we can connect with you: You'll also want to know more about the incredible organization Fractured Atlas!  Double click on their name highlighted in this box for more info on this remarkable support for arts organizations.

Contact us at:         e-mail:            603-675-2634             P.O. Box 306, Plainfield, NH    03781
Cast of Twelfth Night in Globe Barn Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Interior Leak from Roof
Theatre Barn Buildings, Backstage
Ariel, Prospero, Caliban from
The Tempest
Portia and the Cast of Merchant of Venice
Erosion of 1766 Barn Foundation
Erosion of Barn Foundation, West Side
Cast and sets of Little Women
                          It's Time for the
          Annual Owl Awards in the Arts!

   This year, the survey is located on "Survey Monkey," an incredibly smooth and easy system for your submission.  We've done some revamping of categories this year, so please enjoy the new possibilities in the voting!  Please go to the following link:

   The Owl Awards' votes really help the arts' organizations know what you, as an audience member or viewer, are enjoying most in the past year's offerings.  Further, we get to celebrate the arts, as well as share what's coming up this year for each organization, at the Annual Owl Awards Dinner.

  This year the dinner is at VINS, Rte 4, Quechee, VT, at 4 pm on Sunday, September 21st.  The cost is $35 per person, and we will provide soft drinks, water and iced tea within that price.  This is also the one annual fundraiser for The Complete Hoot, so here's a 4th reason we're grateful for your participation!  Please rsvp for the dinner by Thursday, September 18th (, so we may give our chefs (from your favorite restaurants, as always!) the number for dinner.

   We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!

          Jo Evarts & the Staff of The Complete Hoot